In 1975 Steve and Kay Valentine, along with their friends, Bill and Angie Whorton and Bruce Donnelly, began talking about their desire to plant a church. They were members of what was called then “Abbot Loop Community Chapel” in Anchorage Alaska.  After much discussion, prayer and a fact-finding trip, it was settled that Missoula, Montana would be the 34th church plant team sent from there. The families sold their homes and many possessions and began their journey. On July 17, 1977 the very first service of Missoula Community Chapel was held in the Whortons’ living room. MCC grew along with the vision that one day they, too, would raise up passionate, dedicated people to send to the corners of the world.

origional-church-team1In 1979 a group of college students were filled with the Holy Spirit and began attending MCC. Over the years they became vital parts of churches around the country. In 1983 the first team, Bill and Angie Whorton, their two young sons, six families and several singles, was sent to Salt Lake City to continue the dream. Through the years other teams were sent out as well as missionaries to Mexico, China, the UAE, Thailand and Brazil, South Africa, and Spokane Washington. Another large group of young people showed up in the mid to late 90s during a wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In that same time frame the church’s name changed to Clark Fork City Church to reflect the desire to not only influence other cities, but our own as well.

In 2005 the founding pastor, Steve Valentine, was diagnosed with leukemia. The church rallied with prayer and fasting, yet he passed away in 2006. It was a huge blow not only to the church, but to the community as well.  Despite this major setback the church has continued to go on and grow. In 2017 we felt like God was giving us a new future and hope and with that came a new name, Revive Church. With the new name change we planted a congregation in downtown Missoula and on Easter of 2018 we planted a congregation in the Bitterroot. We still carry the same vision and pioneering spirit that started in a select few who had a heart to reach the cities, states, and nations with the good news of Jesus.

Who Are We Connected To?

We are a non-denominational church that is joined with Regions Beyond, a global family of churches that exists to see God’s glorious church build congregations who serve one another and the cities we live in. The greatest joy in this relationship is not the benefits we receive but the opportunity to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ-something that would be impossible on our own.  For more information about Regions Beyond please visit: www.regionsbeyond.net